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Renamed Classes

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Crossbow Master > Marksman
Dragon Knight > Berserker
Eunwol (KMS) > Shade (GMS)

Just wondering besides those have any other classes been renamed over the years?
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SoulBlade Level 216 Windia Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art SoulBlade is intoSoulBlade
Windbreaker > Wind Archer

They have their reasons
Nov 06 2014
^ Right forgot about that one I guess they didn't want people thinking of a jacket every time they played a WA. I mean I know Adventurer/Explorer, etc like with KoC, CK. Was just thinking about specific job/class. I mean list could go on if skills were included and all of the revisions, removed/added skills, skill name changes. XD
Nov 06 2014
SnakeyManGuy Level 171 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
Angelic Burster > Angelic Buster.
Nov 06 2014
archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
captain > corsair
Nov 06 2014
Jaffah Level 206 Broa Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art Jaffah is intoJaffah
^ Oh right forgot about pirate, wasn't Buccaneer Infighter?[/quote]
Viper > Buccaneer for 4th job
Nov 06 2014

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