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Returning player with a dilema Bera, Or Reboot

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geraddr Level 202 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Hi guys!
Since the reboot server arrived, I left Bera to move to Reboot, simply for all the material that could be acquired.

Seeing that the goal of the game has changed too much and the items can be achieved in an easier way, I am in the dilemma of whether to return to the bera server which has 35+ characters in 140+ or ​​to continue in reboot, in which I only have 15 characters in 120 and 1 in 180.

it could be said that my gear in bera never reached mid game gear so I really do not know what to do haha
Pls help me from this dilema :C!
Posted: May 2019 Permalink


riotsociety Level 72 Broa Crusader
Are you able to at least boss with any of your characters in Bera? I'm gonna assume that by mid-game gear, you're saying you don't have any CRA sets.

The only way you'll be able to climb the ladder towards end-game gear is by progressing through the Necromancer and Pensalir sets and farming Occult Cubes to get at least 6% main stat on each equip that's pottable (preferable if you have 3L pots so you can potentially get 9% main stat (1L: 6% main stat and 3L 3% main stat)).

I recommend the Necro and Pensa sets because of the set effects (Boss Damage +15% OR 20% damage against mobs and +20% Ignore monster def), though you could also settle with potting and cubing level 100 class-specific top and bottom if you can find them , but due to Bonus Stats' reintroduction, bosses such as Normal Hilla and Easy Magnus drop Necromancer gear that can sometimes have All Stat % and Damage % for weapons and All Stat % for clothing. Normal Zakum's Poisonic weapons can also have Damage % and even additional Boss Damage %. Bonus stats to the four main stats are also jacked up that you can get 20-30+ ATT/M.ATT and up to +90 for a single stat on an equip, in addition to other bonus stats.

Also, which of your characters in Bera has the highest damage range? Clean and buffed?

And how's your progress in Reboot (gear pot ranks)? I'm gonna guess that you have mostly Link Skill mules, a few other characters you wanted to try out, and the 180 is your main. What class is that main? Damage range (clean and buffed?)
May 23 2019
helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
I would say that it depends on the time of game you want to play. I know this sounds a bit cliche but clearly you have played in both servers and so I'm gonna spare you of explaining the differences.

You're talking about two of the most populated servers in Maplestory. It doesn't really matter which server you choose because you'll get to interact with people either way. Personally, if I'm just getting back into the game and I don't know how much time I want to spend in it, I would choose Bera, only because I feel like it's takes a bit more effort to get started in Reboot. That's just me though.

In the end, play where you like. Dip your feet in both, and whichever one you like more, play there.
May 24 2019

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