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Reverse katara - ATK 115 Screen

By kama

kama Level 201 Scania Blade Master
Apr 16 2011 OMG this is one of the best kataras i saw

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karstentan Level 155 Scania Shadower
best ive seen too
Apr 16 2011
DarkFocus Level 170 Bellocan Angelic Buster 4
Isn't that annoying?
When people don't put 1 "?" behind "full," but a freaking million?

Oh...nice Katara.
Apr 16 2011
deedeedee401 Level 93 Scania Dawn Warrior 3
that thing is essentially perfect in every way
Apr 16 2011
the hell, the potential and item skill makes it godly... 115 att in a katara is incredible the highest katara att i seen in gali was 105
i wonder how many white scrolls he used?
Apr 16 2011
we could say thats 2 line cuz the 3rd line isnt good[/quote]

Yes, but the top 2 lines are the best 2 lines you can get.
Apr 16 2011
Shame about the last line, it coulda at least been something somewhat decent like 3%luk or even dex/str for that matter woulda been alright.
Apr 16 2011

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