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Rex's perfect earrings Screen

By Alesanah

Alesanah Level 221 Khaini Shade 4
Oct 14 2011 I just got the new earrings from Hoblin PQ! enjoy (:

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thats actually really good, too bad its untradable
Oct 14 2011
Alesanah Level 221 Khaini Shade 4
yeah I did.. it turned to two lines.. when ima get some meso i'm gonna chaos this earrings , if I'll get more than 5attack I'll cube 'em!
Oct 14 2011
they look nice, too bad there untradeable though
Oct 15 2011
PouletTAO Level 206 Khaini Xenon 4
Oct 15 2011
kavvaii Level 194 Scania Phantom 4
So bascially all the pq items come out with potential now?
OT:Grats on your earrings! Currently at 15pqs
Oct 15 2011
kajmir34 Level 203 Khaini Kaiser 4
I got my own pair of those the other day
First scroll made it go from 1 atk -> 0 atk
Oct 15 2011

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