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Root Abyss Bossing Guide Video

By Fiercerain

Fiercerain Level 204 Scania Bow Master
May 20 2013 Hello All,

It has been a while since I last released a video. I'm usually on, and off, but here you go! You can also view a specific Root Abyss Boss by clicking the time jumps below.

Von Bon:
Crimson Queen:


Sound Credits:
Boards of Canada - Sunrise Recorder
Boards of Canada - assorted random songs from:
Yoko Kanno - Run Rabbit Junk

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muffinsx Level 138 Bera Aran 4
Huhhh I never knew about the clocks with their movement! I just went by the color XD
May 20 2013
Fiercerain Level 204 Scania Bow Master
@muffinsx: That's good to know.

For a long while I went by color, but then.. I just realized.. I should go with the clock face because I would often get in arguments with friends over how to keep our time up at Von Bon.

@Mage0Boy: Thank you for the feedback.
May 20 2013
Great video George had to explain RA to a bunch of people in the alliance the other day haha
May 22 2013
Fiercerain Level 204 Scania Bow Master
@minniful: Aww thank you for the feedback.

But guuurrll I hope he got to see my vid so he could direct them to it. ;p
I'm kidding, I hope the explanation went well. :v
May 22 2013

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