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Root Abyss Fully Explained! Video

By Night0fSorrow

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Dsfan33224 Level 151 Renegades Phantom 4
u only did pierre...
Feb 27 2013
DrChi Level 174 Scania Luminous 4
Umm, thanks?
Feb 27 2013
Night0fSorrow Level 101 Kradia Beginner
@dragon332211 Omg ikr.... I just found out as well... it's so horrible now GG
Feb 28 2013
paying Level 211 Bera Night Lord Eclipse Guild
Congratulations on the front page!

Also for "adding a video every so often" The limitation is you can add a video any time you want as long as you don't already have one pending acceptance.
Feb 28 2013
Night0fSorrow Level 101 Kradia Beginner
@paying Oh i'm on front page? Wonder where I can check this out (No need to answer i'll find out on my own) And yea i'm aware of that just didn't feel like explaining it to someone else haha
Feb 28 2013
Psydei Level 196 Khaini Bishop
The bosses got nerfed, thanks Nexon. They drop less potions then before,crusader coins, and the helmets don't come with epic tier potential.[/quote]


OT: Very nice video, well explained and all, very useful for nibs
Mar 01 2013
Informative for new bossers. I liked it. Good work.
Mar 01 2013

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