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Ryude Sword Worth It?

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stewie3k Level 145 Windia Kaiser 4
Would buying a clean ryude sword be worth it and then just perfect scrolling/cubing it as I please, or would it be better to buy a godly fafnir weapon. If I went with the ryude sword, would count towards the 4th set item for the cra set? If not then how would I obtain the last set effect?
Posted: April 2016 Permalink


stewie3k Level 145 Windia Kaiser 4
@wall what do you mean by the gear to match it? like have other pretty decent gear with %str already?
Apr 19 2016
stewie3k Level 145 Windia Kaiser 4
@wall ahhh i see, thank you very much for this information.
Apr 19 2016

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