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Sad. Just bombed my Cal 2 test

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angelkinda Level 200 Mardia Mihile 4 See what games, anime & art angelkinda is intoAngelKinda
To be completely fair, I didn't do much studying this for this test. I did fairly well for the first two quizzes - I got full marks on the first one and a 88% or so on the second, and I think that made me a little overconfident in my mathematical competency. The test had around 12 subchapters, and I thought that I was sufficiently confident in all of them. But when I started doing the test and looked at the first two questions, my mind went completely blank. These questions were supposed to be giveaway marks (they were inverse hyperbolic functions from the first chapter)and I couldn't remember for the life of me how to solve them. I browsed through the paper and spotted quite a number of things that I would have to really think hard to solve, so instead I solved everything I did know real quickly (only makes sense). The formulas that I memorised a week ago, and then revised again an hour before the test - all gone, despite being really confident in them. At this point, I was extremely anxious, but I focused my time into solving the questions that I didn't know right off the bat.

Although I did manage to solve every question and I think I got some of the ones that I initially didn't know, right.. I am not at all confident in this test. I realised I made quite a number of rudimentary mathematical mistakes for the questions that I did know how to do immediately. I'm not afraid of failing, because I don't think that I will fail, I'm afraid of doing badly and affecting my overall gpa.

I just needed to get that off my chest. I would love to hear some similar stories from you folks!
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despair Level 69 Reboot Hero
Don't get why people stress over what they can't change. Tests are never a measurement of your knowledge as they only test a certain part of your knowledge and under specific circumstances. You could understand the concept 100% but fail a test due to efficiency problems at the time ,not necessarily issues with understanding.
Mar 23 2017
revenants Level 210 Bellocan Battle Mage 4 Revenance Guild
It's okay. Recently I got a D- on my Calc 3 final exam. He curved the exam by 5 points lemao. I ended with a 79.98% in the class and the professor said he does not round up and keeps the grade to two decimal places, and even gave an example of a 79.86% being a C+ not a B-. So essentially, I'm robbed of a B- by 1 point I could've gotten at any time.
Mar 23 2017

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