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Say please and you got it

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I have lately been getting really annoyed when people just yell at me saying " HS HS HS" or "Stop attacking and get back on the rope".

Like honestly a please would help and if you think that I can not attacked and hs at the same time.... Then you have got it really wrong my friend.

Let this be a lesson to all you lovely people. Saying please is better then yelling at the bishop of is trying to help you level faster.
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LordAschEX Level 143 Galicia Bishop
I lurv attacking, so i take every chance i can to leap off the rope.
Jun 02 2013
I think you should try to coordinate a designated buff time in the middle of the map or something since you're the most important one. You should be bossy, I mean after all, you're their Holy Symbol. I once had a very amazing bishop who coordinated every buff time. Bless his soul- no pun intended.
Jun 02 2013
IsGamer Level 201 Renegades Bishop
I always say this: Please come near for HS (i might also add "guys or ppl" )

And with that, everyone at LHC in my party comes near and i buff, everyone gets happy and so do i with their buffs (and viceversa of course).
That pretty much solves my "HS HS HS" problem, no single one asks me to do it, i do it when i say them to come near for it, also, i have a very decent damage, so i always have chance to attack and no one argues with it (maybe it is just me tough ).

Some people on Renegades know me and how i HS (due to me being only playing on that world)
Jun 02 2013
Question, why do people keep bishops on the rope?
I mean, I dont think they have bad damage at all. Ofcourse those OP new classes beats them on the face however they can attack. And its not weak at all.
Jun 02 2013
Danny103100 Level 120 Scania Aran 4
try to just do you thing and HS i guess but if you can attack when possible to help them out but some people only want HS for more exp. so they don't want you to take some of their exp. when you attack most people don't care some do(Try Hards)
Jun 03 2013
WolfPak Level 151 Kradia F/P Wizard
Bishops don't do bad damage. Why so many attackers insist they stay on a rope is beyond me. They're fully capable individuals, and I often lash out at people who spam "HS ME" too often, anywho. It's not only a bother to the Bishop/Phantom, but jeez, the rest of the party.
Jun 03 2013
Naritta Level 210 Galicia Bishop
You're preaching to the wrong crowd brother.

Us Bishops already know this. I'd say move on and give the good ol one finger salute to anyone who bugs you and try to party with friends/guildies in the future.
Jun 03 2013
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