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[Update 2] The maintenance has been extended by an additional 2 hours while we apply more fixes to a bug with the Returning Warrior Tutorial. The estimated end time is approximately 9:30 AM PDT (12:30 PM EDT).

[Update 1] The maintenance has been extended by 2 hours while we work on a bug with the Returning Warrior Tutorial.

Post your rage below. Good night guys. I can't wait any longer. -shakes empty cup angerly at Nexon- ran out of coffee..
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SharkyMikey Level 201 Galicia Buccaneer
omfg this is killing me.
Mar 09 2014
Pereeia Level 223 Windia Zero Transcendent
Kinda glad. I can focus on finishing my science lab now...
Mar 09 2014
weredoggy Level 200 Scania Mihile 4
just when maplestory status was turning all green again, now it looks like a wildfire started on the website....
at least its a free light show on[/quote]

hey! Monster Life is on! Why don't Nexon let people go on to Monster Life (basically Farmville reskin) during maintenance, so people might actually play it.
Mar 09 2014
fighuass Level 50 DemethosEMS Bandit
Lightshow on

EDIT: Almost everything is green now, one more step Nexon..
Mar 09 2014
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