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Secret Stories

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[Complete Event-Guide]

Secret Stories is an event which runs from 10/19/2016 till 11/16/2016. There are 3 separated stories, in each story you select your actions, each of the choices you make have different consequences and endings. For each route you follow you get 'mini' rewards (such as 4 slots Inventory Coupons, Power Elixirs, All Cures, EXP Coupons, Trait Potions etc.) and for each Secret Story you complete 100% you also get a final reward.

Each story has different endings, rewards and Final Rewards.

The Henesys Haunting: Masque's Shoulder Accessory + Memory of a Girl Chair (Req: 6 days to finish)
Maid to Order: Maid to Order Android Coupon + Gold Heart (Req: 6 days to finish)
The Snow Child: Masque's Belt + Snow Monster Damage Skin (Req: 4 days to finish)

Snow Monster Damage Skin picture taken from Silver Bullet Blog

The Maid to Order Android Coupon + Gold Heart (the coupon and heart expires in 30-days). If you click the coupon you may select one of the permanent androids: Mont Blancroid, Puddingroid, Chouxroid or Piedroid. The Coupon and the chosen Android are untradeable.

The Masque's accessories and damage skin are moveable within the account for an unlimited of times. All the other rewards are untradeable.

Nexon need to post more details...there are maybe more players who were doing them on multiple characters on the same account. I tested this and you can only claim one 'final' reward per story per account, however if you want the reward on a different character instead, you will have to complete the requirements on that other character.

Different ending rewards.

The Henesys Haunting
(10-2) Power Elixir x100
(11-3) 2x EXP Coupon x1
(12-3) Set-up Tab 4 Slot Coupon x1
(13-1) Use Tab 4 Slot Coupon x1
(13-2) Spell Trace x200
(13-3) All-Cure Potion x30

Maid to Order
(11-2) Equip Tab 4 Slots Coupon x1
(11-3) All-Cure Potion x50
(12-1) 2x EXP Coupon x1
(12-2) Power Elixir x100
(12-3) Trait Boost Potion x3 (Significantly increase a random trait)
(12-4) Spell Trace x200

The Snow Child
(13-2) Spell Trace x200
(16-1) ETC Tab 4 Slot Coupon x1
(16-4) Power Elixir x100
(17) 2x EXP Coupon x1

Complete at least one ending of each story and you also get the following rewards: Storage Room 4 Slots Coupon and Storyteller medal (counts to your collection)

However if you have completed everything (all the endings in every story) you will also get the Master Storyteller Medal, Masque's Mask pendant and a Use item Masque's Book which lets you view any of the stories fullscreen images at any time.

EXP Coupons and Trait potions have expiration dates on them.

Note: If you only want one of the Final Rewards, just complete that story 100%, you don't need to complete the other stories. For Story 1, there is two quests you need to hunt like 50 quest items each in Maple World. Story 2 doesn't have such quests, it's just talking to the NPCs in the story. Story 3 has a quest you need to hunt two 50 etc items.

The Guide for each story:
You can skip some parts and still receive all the rewards:
I thought you had to go through each route but you just need to complete every ending.

The Henesys Haunting

For Henesys Haunting you don't need to go pass (11-2) and (10-4) and you can just complete it 100%.

Maid to Order

For Maid to Order you can skip either (7-1) or (7-2) and you can still complete it 100%.

The Snow Child

So I figured out the route you 'automatically' take from (14) is determined by the options you have chosen before in (12-1) and in (11-2). See for more details below:

Route (12-2): You will end up in (13-2)
At (10) choose I can't. I have to think of the villagers too. and then at (11-2) choose Anything is possible.

Route (15-1):You will end up in (16-1)
At (10) choose Yeah, I'll do what I can and at (11-1) it doesn't matter choose either Persuade Gared or Persuade Pola and then at (12-1) choose He doesn't pose a threat to anyone

Route (15-2): You will end up in (16-1) or (17)
At (10) choose Yeah, I'll do what I can and at (11-1) it doesn't matter choose either Persuade Gared or Persuade Pola Then at (12-1) choose I can't really be sure... Then at (15-2) you got the option Let them go is (16-2) and you will end up in (16-1) and the other option is Bitsie, stop being foolish! is (16-3), you will end up in (17).

Route (15-3): You will end up in (16-4)
At (10) choose I can't. I have to think of the villagers too. and then at (11-2) choose Bitsie wouldn't do something like that.

For The Snow Child (16-2) doesn't give a reward, the ending for that one is (16-1). So basically you can skip either (15-1) or (16-2) and complete this story at 100%.

There are rules:
1 - You can only repeat a story, once you have played it out from start to finish. So if you happened to select an answer you already did before you can't cancel it, you have to finish it, so you have basically wasted a day. So that means you have to remember the answers but don't worry I wrote them all on the image for each story.

2 - Once you have finished a story you may restart at the part where it splits in different routes and choose a different answer to find out what will happen. The best way to do this is if you end up in a route with multiple of choices, finish that branch first before you start with a new one.
Example for The Henesys Haunting: If you go from (7) to (13-3) that means there are still different endings that you haven't seen which are (10-4) and (12-3). In this case it's better to start from (11-4) and then go to (12-3), which means (9-3) is 'still' selectable the next day so you can do (10-4).

But if you did (9-3) to (10-4) before (11-4) to (12-3), that means you won't be able to start from (11-4) the next day, because you have rewritten your story and didn't go through (11-4) anymore. So you will have to start from (9-3) to (12-3). As long you do it efficiently it will take the least amount of time or days to complete them all, that's what I am trying to say.

So once this path is done you can start doing the other parts like 8-1 or 8-2 route.

Here is an example
(I edited to match with this screenshot, in the screenshot there is some extra detail)
Edit: You can actually restart the story from anywhere where you see a 'red check' mark, so it doesn't have to be where it splits.

3 - You cannot restart a story that is in progress, which I mentioned in 1 already.

4 - You can only play each story's ending once per day. If your story is in progress it won't reset until the next day, you have to finish it before you can continue with the other routes.

So if you finished a story in The Henesys Haunting today you can't restart until the next day, but you can start a story in Maid to Order, and once you complete a story, wait till next day. The Snow Child is also available and you can start this story as well.

Funny fact in Maid to Order:
If you play on a Phantom character then the Phantom NPC from the story won't appear. Your Phantom will take over the lines normally the NPC Phantom would say them.
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notaxelfenrir Level 201 Scania Dark Knight
so can i still complete all 3 stories if i just start it now?
Oct 28 2016
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
@notaxelfenrir: Yes you can stil complete all 3 stories if you start now. You got until 16 November which still gives you spare days if you start today.

The last day to complete all 3 stories, without any spare days left, is on the 11th of November.
This is only possible if Nexon didn't mess up the dates, which still happens from time to time.
Oct 28 2016
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