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arod4151 Level 107 Scania Kaiser 4
So I recently started playing maple again, and my character is level 107 in scania, as you can see in the profile, scania is pretty dead and i was wondering if it would be worth starting a new profile in reboot since it seems pretty busy, and the items you get are pretty rad and the leveling seems to have gotten easier. So should I start a new character and leave the other one behind? Or should I just stick with my other character?
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riotsociety Level 72 Broa Crusader
I play in Broa and it's dead as well (most moved to Bera or Windia during the World Transfer Event in early 2017). I like the solo playstyle, but I miss seeing more than one other person in Henesys (or in any town, really).

Windia and Bera are about the only non-Reboot servers left that still have a decent population, but I wouldn't recommend moving to either of those since the functionality of Free Market has been removed due to many high-leveled players selling Leg Potted gear through PayPal.

Playing in Reboot will be like it is in any other server, except player progression is solely fueled by mesos instead of NX or grinding bosses daily for Occult Cubes.
The amount of EXP and mesos you get from killing mobs and bosses are slightly higher.

Read here for more info:

Overall, play in Reboot if you want a mix of pre-BB and and post-2015 Maple. By the way, when did you stop playing before returning recently?
May 22 2019
arod4151 Level 107 Scania Kaiser 4
Sorry I took long, I didnt think anyone would reply so soon. Since I posted the question i started a new kaiser in reboot and leveled up really quickly. I got kinda bored with him and I made a kinesis and I was able to get to level 90 in 2 days. I left 2013, ive played on and off since 2004/05.
May 27 2019

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