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Servers are Crashing Again Nexon?

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frozenxTaco Level 115 Scania Shadower
Well looks like the servers are crashing again. Just like yesterday and yet Nexon hasn't said anything or done anything?
Posted: January 2014 Permalink


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ourheartzz Level 200 Windia Zero Transcendent
Yea... Combat Arms went down as well
Jan 11 2014
shalazaar Level 200 Scania Mercedes 4
@DjFunky hillarious! they be like: be grateful, stop complaining lol being quiet and placid isnt gonna make things better its best to SPEAK UP, in denial af
Jan 11 2014
KoelMen Level 198 Bera Phantom 4
This isnt somting the can fix, and it has nothing to do with ther security.

It are DDos Attack, no single company is able to handle that stuff...
Jan 11 2014
noobiest123 Level 210 Scania Wind Archer 4 Studio Guild See what games, anime & art noobiest123 is intonoobiest123
You're all flaming nexon about getting DDosed. DDosing is illegal for a reason. What @KoelMen said is pretty much it. Games like Club Penguin, League of Legends, and even the EA company's online games were able to get DDosed a week or two ago If you need to blame someone, you should blame those damn DDosers >.<
Jan 11 2014
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