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Should I keep my Atk Speed IA?

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aranviser Level 203 Bera Demon Slayer 4
Hey guys, so I have a +1 Atk Speed IA, but I was wondering if this is worth keeping? I also have Decent Speed Infusion. When I tested out my attack speed, I did not count any difference in the number of attacks per second. Any suggestions?
Posted: May 2017 Permalink


lordanubis Level 215 Scania Paladin
i guess with +1 att speed u reach speed cap, but dont get any difference from DSI like me(i got both too on my Pally), so for u to truly reach the maximum speed, u need the monster park green potion, if u use that, u can surpass the speed cap and get benefit from dSI +1 speed and the potion, try out and find out urself.
May 14 2017
i3artman Level 215 Chaos Demon Slayer 4
Almost all Despos have normal attack speed (6). DA can get to attack speed 3 by self buffing. then you got dsi and mpe green pot to attack speed 1. so with IA+1 you should be able to hit hard cap of 0 attack speed. It should make a diff for DA not 100% sure but i think most classes benefit from 0 attack speed. But yes you need to use green MPE pot to break the soft cap of 2, i would keep it
May 15 2017
aranviser Level 203 Bera Demon Slayer 4
I wasn't aware there was a speed cap without the green MPE potion. Thanks for the help guys! For anyone else wondering, I used DSI + IA + green potion, and the number of Executions went up by an extra 16-18 hits per minute compared to just IA + green potion. So I think it is worthwhile getting the +1 atk speed IA.
May 18 2017
i3artman Level 215 Chaos Demon Slayer 4
Nice. I have 20% boss on da atm. Tempted to try for attack speed or maybe skill reset for shield spam. I am curious to see the most recent changes to cdr in kms, I cant find anything on it
May 18 2017
i3artman Level 215 Chaos Demon Slayer 4
This is what kms has now. "The cooldown reduction potential on Hat equipment has been changed. Now, if a skill has a 10 second cooldown or less, only a percentage of the potential's cooldown reduction will apply." Idk if this is what your talking about but this is from March. It makes it sound like you can go lower then 5s but by how much I wonder.
May 20 2017

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