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Should schools have uniforms?

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FriedSnake Level 42 Broa Angelic Buster 2
Should there be school uniforms? Why or why not?
Posted: June 2013 Permalink

Should schools have uniforms?

78%18 / 23Yes
21%5 / 23No


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screwriod Level 183 Windia Xenon 4
different cultures prefer uniforms while others don't[/quote]

what this girl said
Jun 07 2013
TheseWalls Level 163 Windia Shadower
Its really odd, I think its RIDICULOUS Highschools force children into uniforms, yet so few post secondary institutions will expect you to come in a uniform. Meanwhile after you get your degree you'd be forced to come to work in the same form of attire day in and out (maybe even a full-on uniform). Stupid might be a better word. Let the kids develop some individualism.
Jun 07 2013
iDrinkOJ Level 127 Windia Phantom 4
Yes. So students will focus on their education and less on appearances.
Jun 07 2013
I went to a Private School for close to 6 years (7-12) and at first I absolutely dredged at the idea of having to wear grey slacks, white or dark blue polo, or shirt+blazer+tie every darn day but by my Senior year, I didn't care so much. It was less of a hassle in the morning trying to decide what to wear, and we got to explore our 'individuality' when civvies day rolled around.

People didn't judge on what others wore because we all wore the same thing every day practically. Less of a need to impress with clothing and we came more dependent on our personalities shaping who we were. Not to say I was the popular guy (because I wasn't xD) but it allowed me to make impressions based on character rather than the clothes they wear.

It was also a nice plus that I had learned how to tie a tie by the time I was 15. Invaluable when you step into a room of young adults who are fiddling around with theirs =P
You'll sorta hate it, but you'll sorta appreciate it as well.
Jun 07 2013
CrystalHaven Level 128 Windia Dark Knight
I didn't like uniforms when I was in elementary school. Wearing a skirt in the winter (even though it was slightly longer than the one in summer) didn't really help much and I was always complaining on how cold it was. I was much happier when I could wear whatever that's comfortable in high school.

That being said, if the uniforms didn't force girls to wear dresses and had the option to wear trousers, I would prefer wearing uniforms. Probably.
Jun 07 2013
NeverAddAPlayer Level 10 Broa Citizen See what games, anime & art NeverAddAPlayer is intokhdasdasd
I went to a private school my whole entire life[/quote]

Do you mind sharing some of that money?
Jun 07 2013
TheseWalls Level 163 Windia Shadower
^ Lmfao.
Jun 07 2013
Omegathorion Level 100 Windia Priest Justaway Guild
No one bothers with clothes as self-expression anymore, which is frankly what I think is the second of only two reasons why clothes should exist (the first obviously being for practical purposes). I'm all for uniforms.
Jun 07 2013
Uniform was compulsory for me too. I personally believe it was a positive thing though.
I started Uni this year and is always late to class because I have absolutely no idea what to wear every morning.
I miss how I use to wake up just knowing what to wear
Jun 07 2013
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