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Silent crusade grand champion Screen

By Fryman

Fryman Level 107 Windia Chief Bandit
Oct 23 2011 Haven't seen any others in Windia. Took forever to get mine

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cheese139 Level 200 Broa Buccaneer
I see them in broa all the time. They're too flashy IMO.

But gratz =]
Oct 23 2011
What so good about that
Oct 23 2011
Gratz. that's impressive
Oct 23 2011
I have one too in khaini

WH pride.
Oct 23 2011
Wow a Wild H[i]**acker**[/i] who took the time to actually do something for funding/item purposes! I like this! +1.[/quote]

Whats up with all your butt-hurt comments?
Didn't your mom tell you, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"?
Oct 23 2011

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