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SimbaBad's Dark Knight Inspiration Video

By ThaSavoury

ThaSavoury Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
Apr 02 2011 Those who are interested in the Spearman/Dragon Knight/Dark Knight class, comment or leave me a message if you would like me to upload more related videos.

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overalldk Level 200 Scania Dark Knight
so much flashing and shaking :L
nice damage tho
Apr 04 2011
I am so glad someone enjoys good music too... great vid
Apr 04 2011
So many hackers in your video.
Apr 04 2011
ThaSavoury Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
you should ease down on the screen shaking lol. nice vid regardless,[/quote]

I guess next time I make a video at LHC I will disable the Skill/Screen Shaking option. F3

And to everyone else, thanks for the positive comments, if you guys would like me to make more videos or have any ideas or questions, I will, just tell me
Apr 04 2011

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