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So is Alliance patch gMS version of Union?

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Is it? Alliance and Union are pretty similar but Resistance isn't getting a revamp... There was no talk whatsoever of an "Alliance Patch" in kMS.. so confused.
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So is Alliance patch gMS version of Union?

0%0 / 12Yes they are the same.
83%10 / 12LOLOLOOL Of course not nubcake
16%2 / 12...What's Union?
0%0 / 12...What's Alliance?


The maple wiki says it is, and the notes on the maple site say something about a part 2 for cwkpq, possibly that is when resistance will be revamped...
Feb 09 2012
I hope it is so badly. Then maybe Justice will come sooner
Feb 09 2012
Faehyre Level 172 Khaini Wild Hunter 4 Lift Guild
From what I have heard, Union is not the same patch. In Union Arans, Evans, and the Resistance characters will get buffed. Alliance was just the last part of the Legend patch.
Feb 09 2012
Our alliance is actually the last part of the KMS legends patch. Instead of doing a two part union update they added the evan and aran update slightly early. This assumes that next month, we will get the true union patch along with the updated CWKPQ.
Feb 09 2012
@FireBoy67 Sounds logical enough, does that mean my Aran gets even epicer? :O
Feb 09 2012
Exumaii Level 161 Elnido Wind Archer 4
Of course it is not. MapleWiki is wrong. They do not skip patches, and PQ revamps which are before Union are not here yet.
Feb 09 2012

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