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Matherg Level 142 Broa Kanna 4
I was doing the Root Abyss prequests and somehow I got teleported here... I don't really know how I got here and I think it's a glitch. Is it possible to get here again (it teleports you anywhere and this will be my new scrolling place). Thanks~
Posted: August 2014 Permalink


iCodykins Level 150 Zenith Night Walker 4
That map was created after Big Bang. People who were in maps that no longer existed after the patch ended up in that map so they aren't stuck and can be sent to a town.
Aug 04 2014
Tenka Level 223 Yellonde Bow Master
To get there you have to use a portal that leads to a non-existing map, for example, the pre-bb maps.
Aug 04 2014

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