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Star Enhancement/Scrolling

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wookified Level 76 Scania Aran 1
I haven't been on Maple in over a year, so I'm new to this whole Star Force enhancement thing. I know that you need to enhance your equips with star force in order to go to certain maps that require it. What do I need to do exactly to get star force? Do I have to scroll my weapons first, then go to the enhance screen? Could someone just be nice and explain it in detail, especially with the Heroes of Maple update, I haven't found any guides up to date online. Thank you.
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grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
Star force is an enhancement system for your equips
you can only star force an equip after it have 0 slots left (so u need to scroll the equip 1st)
Star forcing cost mesos depents on the level of the equip and the number of the star that determinates the fee
the first star will have a 95% chance to work the 2nd 90% the 3rd 85% and so on and on
if you fail nothing will happen you just need to try again but starting at the 7th star it have a chance to drop the number of stars if fail and starting at the 13th star it have a chance tp destroy your equips
thats all i can remember hope it helps
Jul 25 2016

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