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Starting Over in Zenith

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Boonyboonboon Level 66 Galicia Aran 2
Just wondering, which would be best for me, A buccaneer, thunderbreaker or bishop to use my demonslayers exp potions on, starting clean too if that matters
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shadow1049 Level 116 Bera Dark Knight
A Buccaneer.
Jan 13 2012
Bird Level 217 Zenith Jett 4
Don't be a bucc! I like being alone
Jan 13 2012
We actually need more active Shadowers. Given that this server is is becoming more keen on being a bossing server. I find them very useful.
Jan 13 2012
From my coulpe of accounts on Zenith I haven't seen a lot of Shadowers.
Jan 13 2012
Why Zenith ? That server is dead and the little amount of people active in it are complete stuck up elitists lol

Save yourself the 25 bucks in transfering (Because you will want to get out as soon as you discover that genius community) and start in a better server.

OT: Bucc or Shadower.

Inb4 all the Zenith lvl 200 fatsos nerd rage at me with a Ph.D. thesis about "how the server is friendley and hew ppl are welcum here".
Jan 13 2012
AusLiam Level 56 Zenith Spearman
Be a fire poison
Zenith is where all your dreams and hope come true.,if your wishing to be forever alone.
Jan 13 2012
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