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yuuio7 Level 108 Demethos Hayato 4 Yuuio7 @
So i've been play maplestory for about a year and a half and have really enjoyed it. I've been thinking of moving servers since I've been having trouble finding a guild to seriously start doing dailies and stuff like that. I thinking of maining either a xenon or corsair/bucc since I love those classes. Should I stay in Demethos and be patience or take the dive and take on a new server? (Note: I am unfunded)
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enlock Level 145 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
+1 Honestly if i were you i would move yes. Reboot is fantastic for unfunded characters and it also happens to have the largest community in the game atm. I just restarted in scania though as after awhile the farming & etc does get tedious
Mar 20 2017
readers Level 201 Reboot Kinesis 4 Readers @
+1 If you want, then sure, move to one of the more popular servers. It's hard to do late-game content without having an active group of people around you to do those things with as well, and even then single-player mode should not be the sole definition of an MMORPG.
Mar 20 2017
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