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Steam error 2001

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krieger64 Level 104 Mardia Blade Lord
tryed to start maple today through steam and keep getting this error
cant run it through web launcher cause i deleted those files when i switched to steam >.<
Posted: September 2012 Permalink


I bypassed it by just using the gamelauncher in the steam folder
steam > steamapps >common > maplestory
Sep 11 2012
MeMagicalPie Level 210 Kradia Bow Master Sanctuary Guild
i've been logged in through steam for a week
You have played maplestory for 147 hours
just a[f]king for gp
anyway; still no lag!
Sep 11 2012
krieger64 Level 104 Mardia Blade Lord
I bypassed it by just using the gamelauncher in the steam folder
steam > steamapps >common > maplestory[/quote]

"we are unable to find the files on your computer" when i tryed it
Sep 11 2012
could anyone tell me the advantages of steam and how to use intall it
Sep 11 2012
Gex46 Level 120 Renegades Blaze Wizard 4
None, and you probably shouldn't if you don't know how.
Sep 11 2012
AngelTaylor Level 159 Windia Kanna 4 StarSigns Guild
@loret1234 steam's only really useful if you play maplestory fullscreen and have friends on steam who bug you, so you dont have to alt+enter every 5 second (although you still have to alt+tab). if you dont have a steam then dont get one, unless you want to buy the games on it
OT: getting the same error... i guess ill just run it from game launcher
Sep 11 2012
Steam is fun because theres other games there, and the majority of my friends have steam accounts.
If maplestory is the only game you play, then don't bother.
By the way, if you link your maplestory account to your steam account, no one else will be able to use maplestory
except for you.
Sep 11 2012

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