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Sttgl vs. Goku

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STTGL wins.
No bias.

Edit: STTGL is Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?

[url=]If you don't know about STTGL, watch this.[/url]
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If you remember one of the Broly episodes, King Kai said something along the lines of "Broly's on a rampage and he'll tear up the south galaxy really soon" or something like that, meaning Broly's power was so powerful that he could destroy galaxy in a matter of minutes... And at that time, Goku was only SS1... His final form is SS4, even though GT sucks crap, I'm sure Goku would be able to smash that piece of junk...
Jun 10 2013
I was never really interested in this anime...but after watching that video I think I have to watch it just because of the sheer magnitude of whatever the f@#%$ I just saw.[/quote]

There's a reason why this anime ruled the interwebs for a while... just like Shingeki no Kyojin it seems to be.

@Tree720 "Matter of minutes". STTGL can do it in a second by just stepping on it lol.
Jun 10 2013
Watching both animes, I might have to give it to STTGL. Well, if Goku let's Sid transform into that form
Jun 10 2013
but goku put a crack in my butt so he wins[/quote]

But STTGl puts a crack in your mom, so he wins.
Jun 10 2013
@Existence: Too bad ScrewAttack didn't include ss99 in the Superman vs. Goku Death Battle. Inb4 goku fanboy rage.
Jun 10 2013
Themarkoftrey Level 200 Galicia Zero Transcendent
I Love goku but that robot thing is way to big but maybe god mode goku can at least put up a fight
Jun 10 2013
iEatCheeseLol Level 210 Scania Hero
[url=]King Vegeta can do this[/url]
Goku is like 1 billion times stronger than he was so yeah, he can win no sweat lolol
Edit: Why is my link not working D:
Jun 10 2013
upermelvin Level 111 Bera White Knight
But STTGl puts a crack in your mom, so he wins.[/quote]

she already had 1 so STTGl cheated
Jun 10 2013
Momo123 Level 166 Bellocan Buccaneer
Goku can easily win. He can fly inside the robot and destroy it from the inside. Or he can use the dragon balls and wish it was dead or something, or use spirit bomb. Goku always wins
Jun 10 2013
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