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Stupid question, where is everyone?

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yujin Level 185 Scania Dark Knight
Haven't played in years, I tried logging into my Scania and Windia chars and both worlds are ghost towns. Did everyone actually move to Reboot, world transfer events spread the playerbase out so thin across all worlds, or the game is legitimately dead now? TIA
Posted: March 2018 Permalink


twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
Bera is probably the most popular non reboot server, otherwise everyones in reboot.
Mar 02 2018
yujin Level 185 Scania Dark Knight
Wow that's kind of crazy... that Reboot actually stuck hard. (I quit right after Reboot started, pretty much) .-. And there's no way to move characters into Reboot right, since that totally defeats the purpose of it lol?
Mar 02 2018
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@hualicious: with the mindset from that time, they are outdated...
@me: How do you call this, is this a pleonasm ? Or is it tautology ? I think the last. But its funny saying it the way you are saying it
Mar 03 2018
meiguihua Level 160 Windia I/L Arch Mage
And then Bera became populated leaving Scania and Windia making those worlds deserted. I'm pretty sure they will allow to transfer to Scania and Windia but not Bera.
Mar 04 2018

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