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That's a big

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kkkenny11 Level 52 Windia Bandit
Let's play a game naming the biggest thing's in Maplestory (no big d***)


-Only maplestory
-anything in the game not just monsters
-Don't talk about your weiner
-Cannot use something a person has already used or you will be disqualified

Reward: I'll look up to only page 20 so the biggest thing I see will get 10k NX
Second place : 10 attack work glove
Third : Green chair
(stuff I don't need might as well give it away)

I'll start : That's a big Horntail!

Winners : 1st- Awesomeman05 "That's a big Maplestory" (Maplestory includes players,items,and everything so in Maplestory and he said it first sooo 10k goes to him) I'll give you the code in a few days!

2nd-izumiisha " That's a big lag!" Yes, Maplestory was created for fun and money making and NOT ment for lag but millions of people have this and it's becoming a BIG problem making people mad and quiting what they've started for years soooo, 10 attack work glove goes too you!

3rd-Xxdit46xX- " That's a big Wizet" Yea!, WIZET CREATED MAPLESTORY EVEN BETTER HUH?

I will give away another 10k NX next week for a new event thread.....
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That's a big community
Dec 13 2010
izumiisha Level 200 Bera Demon Slayer 4
didnt u see that hes lookin first 20 pages and also hes not on so hes not gunna post the 3rd winner ofline lol
Dec 13 2010
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