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The Beast Tamer achievement thread

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ClericBoi81 Level 180 Scania Blaze Wizard 4 SoulFireTribe Guild
So, it seems like We needed one of these for Beast Tamers. Post your Beast tamer accomplishments, no matter how big or small!

I'll start....

I made it to 130 to get my ring for my Lumi. I also bout a revolution set but I may upgrade to Empress when I have the funds. I'm really enjoying the class. I have maxed Lai and now I'm working on Fort to see what he's really made of.

Edit: Hey you guys! I was thinking of posting SS/Vids of some of your really big accomplishments. PM or tag me with screenies and vids and I'll add them to the main post to provide inspiration to those who want to main or are thinking of trying out a Beast Tamer.
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Anthracene Level 133 Khaini Dark Knight
Currently 105 on my BT, just taking him to 130 for the ring. Might go further to 140 since i can still MPE. After that, it becomes an event mule lol

And Fort is stupid strong. Spammable hammers plus fish slapping in MPE just cleans house so fast.
Feb 14 2014
JetlagJag Level 201 Windia Cannoneer 4
Level 144 and busy working on completing a SW Scepter. I just need to clean slate ONE. SLOT. I can't really complain...the rest of the slots passed with no shielding/protection whatsoever.

WELP there went thr rest of my scrolling luck for the rest of my maple life...
Feb 14 2014
treefriends Level 202 Windia Blaze Wizard 4
faf and SW scepters r nowhere to be found so I completed a commerci scepter... -.- currently at 3 stars
Feb 14 2014
4023 Level 200 Scania Wind Archer 4
Got from 95 to 152 today, Evo on 8x is pretty bonkers with Furious Strikes.
Feb 15 2014
JetlagJag Level 201 Windia Cannoneer 4
Reached 150! Took a while since I keep finding myself falling asleep while training and DYING. Ugh. Gonna transfer my RA and Tyrants over next week and try to clean slate the last slot on my scepter...

Edit: Wow. No one has posted since I last did? ...okay then.

Reached lvl 153 and xferred the rest of my stuff over. Sitting at about 150k range. Pretty decent considering I'm still a low level.

Got my unique potential from my (still) messed up attendance that worked on my cape! Hooray! Gonna have to cube that soon. Got nothing but dex...ugh. Now I'm just gonna kick back a bit until I can gather some clean slates. This Revolution Scepter has served me well but it's really holding me back now...
Feb 16 2014
I reached number 6 on the Beast Tamer rankings today and scrolled/cubed my fafnir scepter~
Feb 20 2014
Baroo Level 135 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art Baroo is intoBaroo
**February 20th:** Even though I created mine a few weeks ago, I only got around to actually playing my Beast Tamer for the first time this Thursday.
It was an okay experience, although I didn't gain too many levels before I called it a day and logged off.
The writing for the storyline can be a little annoying, I guess (can't be much worse than the writing for Angelic Buster's storyline).
Feb 21 2014
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