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The Evan Achievement Thread

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Zeff Level 165 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Looks like the thread got locked. 7 Years later. Press F to pay respect.
Haha, oh wait.
Take care bois.

I fixed the OP, kinda...

Zeff (Rioun of Bera), welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread!
This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at a lot of pages, this thread has become a solid representation of the might and valor of the Evan Community for all of Basil Market to view. What are you waiting for? Talk about whatever you want! Daily discussions between basilers can be achievements unto themselves!

Achievement of Merit

A place where I will be posting meritorious achievements of Evans that I come across in this thread.
(6/19/11) - I'd like to dedicate the first AoM to @Urvin! Congratulations to Urvin (EvanUrvin of Khaini) for getting to level 200.
(6/20/11) - Next up, we have an AoM awarded to @Arcana (ArcanaDX of Broa)! I'd like to congratulate her for reaching level 200 and but for breaking the barrier and reaching a damage range of 150k.
(6/20/11) - @JusticeAura (NovaMystical of Bera) gets an AoM for being a level 200 Evan who leads the largest and most well known family in all of Bera!
(9/13/11) - @darkspawn980 (ShinkuDragon of Scania) happens to not be an Evan, but is awarded for settling a dispute between us and the Dark Knights by making a parody thread. Which to be honest, is an achievement in it's own right.
(3/25/13) - @Skyenets (Goates of Scania) has gone insane.
(10/15/15) - @Zeff (Rioun of Bera) has updated the thread, except not really!
(7/06/16) - @xvietx (MajesticViet of Bera) gets congrats for being the first Evan to reach 250! Dude's been here from the start TEEBEEAYCH.

~ In Dedication to our Dragon Stealing Friends ~

Now this is story all about how, our sections got flipped, turned upside down. Now I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, I'd like to tell you how we all became friends magically from thin air. In various parts of the world born and raised, on Basil where we spent most of our days. When a guy named @Urvin, he was up to no good, started makin' trouble in their neighborhood. We all got in one little fight and the mods got scared. They said we're lockin' up your threads cause' we honestly don't care!

Alright but seriously, all laughs aside. When you take, a troll+poorly worded thread+Evans+Dark Knights=Love. It was on September 12 that mass hysteria ensued due to the above but it all ended swell. Sure I mean, they stole our Dragons and all but thanks to @Deviched we made @Urvin and @darkspawn980 fall into a lovely bromantic relationship. Also much thanks to @darkspawn980 for having the insight to create a parody thread which made our communities come that much closer. Like in the above example. (If you want to see said piece of art contact @Deviched. It's funny. Really.)

Disclaimer: Also thanks to @Celyfaye because she came up with this header-idea first. I couldn't let our Achievement Thread lack what theirs had So I stole it.

Achieve Some Knowledge!

Just going to put up links here that I think y'all might find useful

Disclaimer: Uh yeah hi, Zeff here. There used to be some links here that were useful, but they either don't exist anymore, aren't updated, or are archaic in knowledge, so I got rid of them. If you have an up-to-date list of links you'd like me to put up, PM me, and the next century that I come onto Basil, I'll put it in for you.

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iEvanMaster Level 210 Khaini Xenon 4
well yesterday i got my ele staff to 6% int and epic xD and got lv 149, hoping for 160 within 2 months
Oct 12 2010
I leveled to 120 on my blaze and passed magic mastery 30 after the tenth thousand try....
Planning on gettin to 155 by this months end,Ill tell you if i make it XD
Oh and won a bishop in a ks war. Having a 15 mobbing attack doesnt mean you "deserve" a gallos map when theres someone there already <.<
Earthquake F.T.W.!
Oct 12 2010
fish913 Level 155 Scania Kaiser 4
Was too sick to play ;(
Oct 12 2010
Yesterday I reached level 140

Previous achievements;
1.Got all my reverse gear.
2. Got my Chaos Horntail Necklace w/ Pot
3. Pot all my gear
4. Had one bill(Now gone lol)

Achievements today: None, didn't play today.
Oct 12 2010
Maxfire Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4
Lvled from 115-120 on 4x last saturday.
Oct 12 2010
epikdeath Level 200 Windia Cannoneer 4
Achievements : made it to top 60 evans before i stopped my evan
passed mw20 when they were actually somewhat expensive
got an ewand1 way back
soloed zak 3rd body before potential
passed blaze 20 book
got a czhelm
some other stuff that i don't remember :o
Oct 12 2010
pulpit Level 171 Bootes Dark Knight
Got to lv 84. Did 20k dmg at Blue kents, Next stop, 20k dmg on Something else.
Oct 12 2010
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