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The New LPQ Video

By mrandee

mrandee Level 137 Bera Kanna 4
Jan 07 2012 Hey guys, maple has changed a lot since the last time I played. And LPQ is just one of them. This video is a guide.

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ToFurkie Level 184 Scania Mercedes 4
Okay, for the boxes part with the 1, 2, and 3 boxes on each platform. A Merc cannot jump from the second to the third platform (actually they can but it's VERY difficult). It is also impossible to jump from the second last platform to the last platform. Here is a tip for those without jump skills: drop 10 mesos on the box you are about to use. If it works, a glow will appear, if it doesn't work, you have the coin to indicate that it was used and a failed attempt. The PQ itself is much easier than it use to be and also provides good exp for the lower levels. Nice way to go through 60 - 70. I do wish there wasn't the PQ limit of 10 though.
Jan 09 2012

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