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The cause of cancer

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CeroFX Level 139 Scania Blade Master
[url=]When it all started[/url]

As you can see, according to the chart above by the US Gov, prior to the 1950's cancer was non existent as a leading causes of death. However, shortly after nuclear technology made its debut in the 1930's people started getting cancer, lots of it. And it has only gotten worse as more and more nuclear plants are made and all leaching harmful radiation into the atmosphere, our oceans, and the environment as a whole.

This people, is why cancer is an epidemic in the 21st century. Me and my friends used to joke back then as you probably do now saying stuff like "haha, everything causes cancer". Yea well, now we know why. Pretty much the whole earth has been contaminated and avoiding cancer is utterly impossible. Your best bet is to stay away from radiation, the less you have contact with the higher your chances of not getting cancer are. That means, not eating radiated food, not breathing radiated air, and not drinking radiated water.

As you know (or may not know) everyone born after the chernobyl incident already has traces of the radiation from it, in them. Now with fuc u shima, same thing, global spread of radiation is already inevitable we all have some in us. It just all adds up to our total amount increasing our risk based on our health (immune/genetics/life style / etc)

The sad thing about all this is that nuclear industry still pushes its propaganda promoting that its safe to use if used right yet nobody cares about the radiation being leeched into the environment that is directly affecting us. Cancer is now accepted as normal in our culture, but i assure you it is ANYTHING BUT, normal. Surley cancer has been around due to natural causes but its quite rare. Only with the advancement of dark technology has cancer been so high now.
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HolyDragon Level 182 Windia Bishop
Or it could be the deterioration of human genetics or all the processed food people consume now.
Sep 09 2013
Ipoopster Level 10 Kradia
this is what we need. cancer is needed to balance the worlds population. the strong survive and the weak die. thats how it always has been, but now that we are civilized we all are living longer then suppose to. you might not want to admit it, but cancer is a good thing for humanity. we NEED wars.
Sep 09 2013
LowWillpower Level 47 Yellonde F/P Wizard
There are plenty of things we do that increase the risk of cancer, not just nuclear radiation effects.
Sep 09 2013
No guys, it's the lizard men!
Sep 09 2013
we've been soaking up radiation from the cancer causing sun for a LONG time. It wasn't until the 1950s that they discovered cancer. We likely had it, just didn't know about it as cancer before the 1950s.
Sep 09 2013
CeroFX Level 139 Scania Blade Master
That is the pessimistic view. Someone with a more optimistic position would argue that cancer, war and diseases is not needed at all. If overpopulation is your only concern why not raise the standard. Put more money into technology so that we can harness more resources and perhaps one day populate another planet. As that is the future anyways.

But no, instead we have corporations that just care about making money off of the 99% If its not profitable, they aint gonna fund it. And we all know the 99% (me u, your friend your mom and your grandmom) dont have that kind of money to fund anything.

Did you know that we could have all had free energy potentially? nikola tesla's greatest invention was a machine that could power the world for free, however the government and other corporations had no interest in it because tesla would not let them make money off of it. He wanted to give it to the people. So they never funded him and now his dream is but yet another hidden gem under the rubble of the top 1%.
Sep 09 2013
you forgot your tinfoil hat
Sep 09 2013
Nostradamus Level 106 Khaini F/P Arch Mage
The aztecs and mayas used to smoke tobacco alot bakc in their time so im pretty sure they got cancer from that even tho it wasnt the leading killer
Sep 09 2013
dimo Level 113 Bera White Knight
Cancer researcher here, you will find that the difference between 1900 and 1950s is predominantly based on improved screening techniques, and not incidences.
Sep 09 2013
alexwee Level 108 Broa Thunder Breaker 3
cancer has been around since humans first came on this earth.. not a recent phenomenom as your thread implies
the first recorded instances were on papyrus during ancient Eygpt in 1400 BC and it's just more prevalent today because it's been officially recognized not too long ago and radiation levels growing higher from products of human consumption and the waste
annnd nuclear plants only contribute a small portion to the cancer diagnoses every year.. there are thousands if not million other sources that emit harmful radiation
Sep 10 2013
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