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TheOne BGA BGB Grandpa 2:05 speedy run Ft. many =] Video

By Varsitykart

Varsitykart Level 200 Yellonde Hero
May 06 2011 At video times:
0:15 - BGA is summoned
1:11 - BGA is down
2:01 - BGB is down
2:22 - Grandpa is down (Grandpa only took 21 seconds !)

Another fun run after sweating hard in the fierce fight with Pink Bean !
This time introducing the grandpa speed run, done by our guild members as well as the famous figure of Yellonde, Auragin (Saver/Lucia), also our new friends DeziKnight and GabitoHero (sweet couple XD)

IGN List:
DeziKnight Lv 177 - Dark Knight
GabitoHero Lv 177 - Hero
Auragin Lv 184 - BattleMage
XnAssin - Lv 178 NightLord
JuStLiKelt - Lv 180 Buccaneer
ilovexiaodu - Lv 200 Dark Knight
IuckCSin (iuckCsin) - Lv 200 Nightlord
lEpiCenterl - Lv 200 Hero
GhoulKai - Lv 189 Marksman (Recorder, also not my character)

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mathias385 Level 73 KradiaEMS Phantom 3
@above Maybe they killed PB f3?
May 06 2011
Guys. i know 3 NL that did it within 1minute LOL legits too LOL
May 07 2011
@patate Sadly it wasn't you, so you can't boast about it. CAN YOU DO IT? No, so you can't mock them either. GG.
May 07 2011

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