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Things that you can't stand?

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oiRascal Level 160 Demethos Thunder Breaker 4
What are things that you just hate and can't stand?
Posted: December 2015 Permalink


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qtwarriorxx9001 Level 141 Bera Shadower
+2 i cant stand people saying "how are you" or "what's up"
they dont actually care how you are, surprisingly enough. and i dont care either.
Dec 31 2015
killeem Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
loud obnoxious hood rats
Dec 31 2015
pacifist Level 200 Bera Night Lord
+1 getting something stuck in your teeth and trying to get it out with my tongue even though toothpicks exist, guilt tripping, egotistical people on social media, spiders, silverfish bugs, people who think being rude and mean 24/7 is cool and edgy, warming up food in the microwave and it's still cold in the center, the year 2015 in general
Dec 31 2015
ilikeanime Level 80 Scania Chief Bandit
- People looking down on me when they ain't better themselves
- People walking slow in front of me
- Unfriendly customers
- People taking the escalators going down while people going up have to walk
- Cashier and customer having long chit chat
- People being negative to strangers when you don't even know them
- People that have those tattoo's with deep meaning which doesn't suit them at all
- Loud noises
- People who compare themselves with lions while their characteristics says otherwise
- Hypocrites: goes crazy when seeing a vid where a pig get slaughtered. Next day he/she is eating at the mc.
- Those bandwagon crap like that lion cecil, paul walker and suddenly supporting gay pride
- People claiming that gaming is a sport
Dec 31 2015
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
+1 I can't stand when I piss because it splits into two streams. So I have to sit and luckily nobody knows.

People with lots of pet peeves *cough* @ilikeanime *cough*
Jan 03 2016
dennisb0t Level 13 Scania Kanna 1
cigarette fumes
Jan 03 2016
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