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This avatar situation is worse than the Holocaust

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ashleyattacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art ashleyattacked is intoalisaattacked
I have been trying to change my character image here for 2 months now - but this cis gendered website insists that I find my characters image on the Nexon rankings list and, horror of horrors, send the image for approval and, presumably, application to thine Avatar (as it were.)

I have been trying this, like I said, for 2 months now - but Nexon continues to show only a broken image for my character and I am fundamentally incapable of accessing said image for purposes of providing it to this cis gendered transphobic national socialist website.

This is not fair Anne, Frankly, I feel like I'm being treated like a Jew at Auschwitz...or worse. I want to change and update my avatar often...but our Fuhrer, Ehrenarier Basil, would rather gas me with Cyklon Roadblocks before shoveling me into the furnace and out of the chimney. I'm not even a Jew. I don't deserve to be treated in such a devastatingly impersonal sense of self erased, my rights removed, my hair kinda shaved off and then he hit me. I felt violated. I'm not a Jew. Ehrenarier Basil - Fix this holocaust and make Basilmarket great again (predicated on the notion that it once was. It wasn't...but I'm sucking up to Ehrenarier Basil because I feel like Anne Frank x a billion.)
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lithemovement Level 176 Bellocan Night Lord
3/10. Post isn't cringeworthy enough to hit "so bad it's good (funny)" territory, but I see the effort.

I also happen to think this is a legitimate concern, but my avatars don't get updated anyway since I quit.
Jul 01 2016
ashleyattacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art ashleyattacked is intoalisaattacked
@lithemovement: I really want to update my avatar.

BTW - 'Post isn't cringeworthy enough to hit "so bad it's good (funny)" territory'

Um, you do realize that it's a joke predicated and based on the murder of 5-7 million people...murdered in essentially the first and only systematic and Governmentally Officiated Industrialization of Genocide and Mass Murder. 5-7 million people. Because of their race. Sought out in conquered nations just as at home. Because of their race. Because...of...their...race. Exterminated.

People don't realize the weight of what exactly happened between 1938 and 1945. I know I'm the one in the center here...but's astonishing that the slavery of black people 150 years ago is still accepted as the definitive victim mark...and not the intentional, systematic extermination of 60% of European Jews only 70 years ago. The two aren't even on the same plane. BTW - I'm not criticizing you @lithemovement, I'm just speechless occasionally that such an event is so diminished -- when even the hint at diminishing American Slavery pre 1865 is grounds to lose your job, lose your friends and not be allowed to update your avatar on Basilmarket, et al.

Just an off the cuff ramble.
Jul 01 2016
repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art repentant is intoRepentant
+1 You don't need to use your ranking picture. You could recreate your character on BannedStory (or take an in-game screenshot, then do some careful cropping & editing), slap it on a 96 x 96px canvas, align it properly so that it looks like it's from the rankings, make sure the background is transparent, then upload it to your player page. Heck, the image I'm using for my Basil profile doesn't actually exist in the game. :V
Jul 01 2016

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