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This is not the answer! Screen

By SlovakHocky

SlovakHocky Level 209 Broa Bishop
Jun 10 2010 I appreciate the possitive feedback from my previous screenshots that I submit singling out d/c hackers. However this is a screenshot of the responce i did NOT want from people.

As i stated in the screenshot, two wrongs do not make a right. I urge people to not resort to d/c hacking as a solution to broa's or whatever server you're in's problems. The d/c hacking IS the problem. I don't care how good you think your intentions are, if you can't stand up to problems without using the hacks yourself, you're absolutely no better then they are. People need to learn how to simply just PLAY THE GAME. I'm sorry if I sound upset while posting this, but I feel horrible that this is the responce I got from my previous posts. I hope that's not what everyone else took out of them, and I hope this post is a bit more clear.

@ the person that whispered me in the screenshot: If you want to put an end to d/c hacking, then stop using them yourself please.

Thank you for all the possitive support you've given me, and I hope you guys can continue to build support, because it has been working.

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I lost the game while reading that.

OT: Agreed. Some people have lost the fact that Maple isn't about power and control, but fun. Hacking wrecks the good of the game.
Aug 22 2010
I lost the game while reading that.[/quote]

FFFUUUU ruined my five minute streak
Aug 22 2010
GraveJokerR Level 200 Broa Mercedes 4
And anyways, we can't have hackers ruining whats supposed to be a fun, exciting online game.
Aug 22 2010

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