Sad Mask
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Thugwizard. Screen

By kaffleen

kaffleen Level 163 Scania Cannoneer 4
Mar 23 2012 @BoxerShorts, I did what I could. I drew you twice to make up for it.

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Capricious Level 82 Windia White Knight
Your drawings are pretty darn cool! This one reminds me of that one boxer... what's his face, from Shaman King.

I hope more are on the way.
Mar 24 2012
This drawing style is rather refreshing. ;3
Has that old-school feel like I was watching something from Boomerang. Love it!
Mar 24 2012
Bahaha your sig looks funny XD

The drawing is very well done I like it a lot.
Mar 24 2012
Reminds me of Afro Luffy minus the mask hehe
Mar 24 2012

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