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Tomorrows the big day

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FiaW1zard Level 103 Bera Mercedes 3
I know none of you obviously care, but, I'm getting married tomorrow. And I'm quite nervous.
So, for those of you who are married on basil, how was your wedding? Is there anything to be nervous about?

Edit:In reals. You think I'd actually marry someone ingame and get excited about it? xD
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OMG CONGRATULATION , hope you have a gooood time dont be nervous
Feb 02 2012
InvalidRiot Level 105 Broa Blaze Wizard 3
Bachelors party
Feb 02 2012
What are you doing on Basil? Wedding preparations are time consuming, shouldn't you be making sure everything is ready?
Feb 02 2012
[url=]Hopefully you won't get on MTV[/url]
Feb 02 2012
SuicidA Level 164 Windia Corsair
If u have all the wedding preparations ready, dont get nervous, I am sure u will be ok and everything will be perfect, just try to relax n.n, but If u are still missing something, go and fix it, dont waste ur time on basil before ur wedding D:
Feb 02 2012
Don't worry about it, just remember to do all the quests and invite your friends with tons of mesos and it'll be good.
Feb 02 2012
lol awks[/quote]

Me and my family always say "AwksTurts"
Feb 02 2012
ClementZ Level 50 Windia Spearman Justaway Guild
well if you don't have money then that's a different story[/quote]

Yes, but even if you do have money,
Your families probably know you're together
Your friends probably know you're together.

Why spend thousands telling people who already know?

OT: Lol, yeah, someone else has mentioned this, but shouldn't you be preparing, making sure things go as smoothly as possible?
Feb 02 2012
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