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Top 5 maplestory maps pre-bb Video

By multik3d808

multik3d808 Level 206 Windia Luminous 4
Jul 26 2015 My maplestory top 5 maps to train before big bang!

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eunrae Level 40 Windia Hunter
Where is z4?
Jul 27 2015
greensoap Level 126 Khaini Dark Knight See what games, anime & art greensoap is intoGreenSoap
+1 Nice vid! My Top 5 would be:
- Himes
- Showa: The Hideout
- Perion: The Land of Wild Boar I
- The Beer Tent -- eMS exclusive event
- Mushroom Training Camp
and if I were to add 5 more, they'd be:
- Guy F***es' Room (MV's Lair) -- from the Guy F***es- / Mal Volence PQ
- Omega Sector
- Ludibrium: Deep Inside the Clocktower
- The first Maple Island (<2007) -- the one where it took more than one hour to get through, and was super hard unless you were a Warrior or a STR-based Perma Beginner.
- Mushroom Shrine: The Mountain of Cloud Fox
Jul 27 2015
ho4show Level 193 Chaos I/L Arch Mage
windraiders, trojans, himes, FoG, cmon these were some staples here
Jul 30 2015

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