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Try to think of a new Class

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Bezooka Level 154 Yellonde Bow Master
Not a new job but a completely new class in general!
Its harder than you think...
New class as in...
Bowman, Warrior, Magician, Thief, Pirate, ___
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McAwesomesauce Level 207 Yellonde Marksman
Explorer: Singer, Guitarist
Guitarists use all string instruments and use DEX and INT as a secondary stat. Would be based on hitting a combination of chords for offensive and summoning purposes.
Singers use INT and DEX as a secondary stat. Uses rhythmic movements to create elaborate attacks and can modify her attack range easily. Can buff party mates.

Hero: Uses a harp
Combination of the two. Uses chords to create a wide variety of effects. This ranges from controlling monsters, causing Monster Buffs and attacks to backfire and harm themselves (if this spell itself doesn't backfire, in which case your party's own buffs would cause damage and put everything on cooldown for 8 seconds). The can copy the effects of other player's buffs/summon that are currently applied to them; e.g, borrowing Illusion Step from a bowman if they happen to have it up.
Sep 19 2012
Bezooka Level 154 Yellonde Bow Master
Lol boxer? (buccaneer *cough*)
Sep 19 2012
mattskib Level 146 Yellonde Blade Master
Sep 19 2012
xbanxditx Level 133 Scania Mercedes 4
Item Thrower
Different throwing things are different weapons, i.e. Small rock for level 10 wep
Sep 19 2012
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