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Typhons Screen

By royalsquishy

royalsquishy Level 203 Scania Shadower
Aug 15 2010 I'm not really happy with how this turned out....>O<;; and I wish i could draw bgs. >>;;


Typhon sketch belongs to lilzara. Now go spam her.
Canyon texture gotten online.
Colors and lineart by mee.

UH...bigger (much bigger) version is on my devart....username = strawbaerie. :O

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ZeroLich Level 144 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
Wow.. Thats wicked!
Are you lureing him in for a messo explosion? xD
Aug 16 2010
That is one small dragon tail :l
Aug 16 2010
ReneLikesPie Level 85 Bera Blade Lord
Wow O; I really like the background and the way you colour ^^
it's very nice
Aug 16 2010
That is frickin' EPIC
Love the sunset(rise?) in the background
Aug 16 2010
why isn't this frontpaged? what the heck
Aug 16 2010

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