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UA / UE Question on skills

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Well, I'm deciding what UE/UA to make, and a lot of people are saying pally.

First off, can someone tell me what kind of weapon a pally uses?

Second, Which warrior is a pally? ( Dam, I sound SO nooby )

Thirdly, what skills do you get for each different kind of UA/UE

Example: I think Sins get Vampire
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Bandits with vampire ftw?
Mar 05 2011
benjaminlu Level 185 Scania Bow Master
Personally i'd say Bowmaster with Wind pierce

I loved my wind archer while it lasted (quit it though because there was no motivation to get to 120, as 100-120 was supposedly going to be the "most boring levels ever", i thought, well, if 100-120 is gonna be hell, why would i go through it just to end my journey? So i just play for fun on it nowadays However this was not the case before big bang where there were actually decent spots to train at from lv100-120, which is why i was able to get my tb to 120 )

Anyway, i really liked my windacher, f3
I loved wind pierce, hurricane, arrow rain. Those were hella awesome skills.
And guess what, a bowmaster UA would get all of those skills, AND be able to get past lv120, AND get SE

Wind pierce is definitely an awesome skill. Too bad UA bowmasters dont get wind walk, haha
Mar 05 2011

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