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Ultimates Screen

By whattheHEO

Mar 21 2011 Something fun we decided to do
Ultimates used: genesis (bishop), dark genesis (battle mage), dark fog (evan), and mech's.

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I feel bad for whoever had to d/c from this.[/quote]

LOL, that's why we tried it in ch1 dojo and ch1 fm

You forgot the Mech's ulti? Idk if it's even an ulti..[/quote]

I just don't remember the name of the Mech's ultimate
Mar 21 2011
Sjoooberg Level 160 Chaos Cannoneer 4

Ooooh. I saw now that you mentioned the Mech ultimate. (:
Mar 21 2011
should've asked me to bring my WH f3[/quote]

You had some 15 articles or so to do, I believe

Are you cheating on me with another Evan? [/quote]

Ofc not 3;
Mar 21 2011

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