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Unable to get to Zipangu?

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mariiaaaolsson Level 200 Angelic Buster 4
Hi. I'm playing maplestory Europe and when I talk to Spinel I can only get to Malaysia, but I want to go to Mushroom Shrine in Zipangu. Is there a way to get there from Malaysia, or do I have to finish any specific quest in order to be able to go there?
Mushroom Shrine simply isn't an option when I press Spinel...

Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Posted: July 2020 Permalink


maplesoul360 Level 216 Galicia Aran 4
It's been a little while, but I think the way to get there is by going to Momijigaoka from the Dimensional Mirror, then navigating to Mushroom Shrine via the World Map. I remember a revamp that turned it into a theme dungeon sort of area so there might be a lightbulb quest that'll take you straight to Mushroom Shrine as well.
Jul 27 2020
azureduran Level 162 Kradia Mechanic 4
there is a lightbulb quest that warps you to the mushroom shrine as said by the post above. you unlock the mushroom shrine theme dungeon at lvl 100 and and even after you accept the quest the lightbulb will continue to warp you to the mushroom shrine.
Jul 27 2020

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