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Updated Spreadsheet

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Kuraitou Level 208 Elnido F/P Arch Mage Revenant Guild
I'm currently working on updating my ML building statistics spreadsheet. You can view it [url=]here[/url]. I'll be updating it in real-time over the next couple of minutes, so please be patient if the building you want to see isn't there.

EDIT: Done.


  • New buildings:
[] Ludibrium Toy House Fastest Waru production (183) and highest Decor in the game; banks in only 1.83 hours**
[**] Orbis Flying Garden
[**] Ereve Fountain Garden
[**] Aqua Road Castle
[] Zakum's Cave Highest Waru storage (12000) in the game; banks in a whopping 33.33 hours though**
[**] Henesys Bowman Guild
[**] Hanok House
[**] Fantasy Park Viking
[**] Aqua Roadhouse
[**] Very Berry Vineyard
[**] Icy Treat Retreat (2)
[] Wholesome Milk Farm Level 35, 700W storage, 2x2**
  • A few name changes for existing buildings and decor items

You can help out by posting a screenshot if you find one of these new gem-only buildings in the special shop.

[url=]Contribution form[/url]

@ResolutingDesk: Ereve Fountain Garden, Winged Archway, Big Bass, Fishin' Pepe
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3bmwhccnj1q Level 215 Nova Angelic Buster 4
wholesome milk farm NUUUU IM ONLY 30 AHHHHH.

still, for free farms 40 waru/10 for 2x2 is amazing, even comes with max waru of 700
Sep 05 2013
Kuraitou Level 208 Elnido F/P Arch Mage Revenant Guild
[url=]Please submit screenshots of the new items in the ML shop as you find them here.[/url]
Sep 09 2013
GeneralStore Level 120 Kradia Night Walker 4 See what games, anime & art GeneralStore is intoGeneralStore
I guess Ludi toy house is the best for people who are able to check in monster life every hour or so. Zakums cave isn't worth it considering 4 tip top balloon shops would give the same amount of storage whilst providing 140 waru/hr.
So best casual use and cost = milk farm
heavy use = ludi toy house.
overnight/most balanced = tip top balloon shop.
Sep 13 2013
LeaderKai Level 200 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Sep 15 2013
Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
Would be better if you could graph them instead.
X=time Y=income/sq and have them flat out after bank limit is reached.
Maybe ill try that.

Graphs are cool:
Sorry, openoffice didnt let me put the legend directly next to the respective lines...
However, you can still see that the tiptop balloon shop has the 3rd highest slope (52.5waru/sqhr) and the highest maximum range (750waru/sq storage).
Sep 20 2013

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