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Warning - a scammer

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This kid @Expectations decides to buy my $25 rp code i got from a raffle. He proceeds to tell me that he is willing to trade over 25 dollars karma koin for it.
Well he skypes me, and he keeps listing his vouchers, claiming he's so well known in bera, #1 kaiser in bera. Then, he brings his friend into the conversation (which im convinced its the same person) and tries to convince me hes legit. So easy solution: I ask for a screen share, so he can show me the confirmation page (showing that he actually has the NX). Well, then he rages and tells me that im going to hack him by screen sharing, and he refuses to do so.
Few minutes pass, and him and his friend decide to just start insulting me for my race ( asian) and calling me a noob and so forth,
Well then, i just ask for a screen shot of the confirmation page, and he calls me a queerbait and removes me from the convo.

Just a warning to Berans. His name is "Lorenzo"
players : Exqectations, and some other DA i cant remember.
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Expectations Level 200 Bera Kaiser 4
You wanted a screen share and I didn't give it to you You call me a scammer but nothing even happened and you wanted my skype + screen share. GG.
Sep 09 2013
LOL you couldnt even provide a screenshot and post it on basil?
Way to go, insulting me based on my ethnicity, bragging on how you make more money than my parents....

and do you want a SS of the pm?
Sep 09 2013
Thanks for the info. Not even relating to my world.

EDIT: @Expectations: How would you be giving Skype away? Ever heard of imgur?
Sep 09 2013
samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
BBLETME you are the one who scammed me so you shouldnt be talking noob
Sep 09 2013
KonoKazuya Level 200 Windia Aran 4
lol the ignorance is high today!
Sep 09 2013
Armags Level 127 Zenith Zero Transcendent
Lol fail scam
Sep 09 2013
lol and to think that there were 5 people all in a row saying that he was legit in your previous thread
Sep 09 2013
buying/selling NX is against the rules anyways
Sep 09 2013
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