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Watch out Broni, Amirushx3 back at it again scammer alert

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garrettshot Level 222 Khaini Aran 4 Contagious Guild
He offered to sell me some nx, and when i finally got a hold of him he started to give the BS that scammers give you so i got suspicious and googled his IGN and found several threads about him scamming.

type the exact phrase in google:
Basilmarket: "Amirushx3"

he says hes back from a long break because its summer, so people may have forgotten about him.
Posted: August 2016 Permalink


kiranagy Level 231 Khaini Phantom 4
You tried to buy nx off him, tsk tsk
Aug 02 2016
Yeah he was a well known scammer in Broa a few years back; guess he's back again.
Aug 02 2016

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