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Ways to make mesos?

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SeeminglyExists Level 160 Bera Dark Knight
Have not played in a bit and i'm guessing there are some new ways to make mesos (I hope), other than needing NX. What are some of those ways? I'm at 52m and Idk if I will last long with that amount.
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SirLelouchR2 Level 172 Kradia Marksman
Events, farm dem spring bunny shop coins. Evo lab 3, get boxes, and open them.
Apr 07 2014
CodeXLC Level 70 Windia Blade Lord
hene strippin works.
Apr 07 2014
KamikazeDes Level 220 Windia Corsair See what games, anime & art KamikazeDes is intoKamikazeDes
I could survive with 52m forever (and I have! With even less, at that!). Just loot Power Elixirs from RA and there you go, you're self-sustaining.
Apr 07 2014
SeeminglyExists Level 160 Bera Dark Knight
what level are you? what's your range?[/quote]

Level 159 with a 51k-59k range w/ buffs

@KamiKazeDes whats RA?
Apr 07 2014
RebelSlayer Level 161 Broa Night Lord
farm the spring chubby bunny coins. its easy and you can do it all by yo self, let me see you do it!
BUt really just go to evo link 3 and farm the boxes, its really fun and you get lots of nice stuff.
Apr 07 2014
Senkujin Level 210 Windia Aran 4
buy a pet to loot yourself while you train. and then sell everything. That's all you really need.
Apr 07 2014
Right now, looting the spring coins is the way to go. You can sell coin service. In YMCK I've sold iCoG coin service for 100mil. The minimum you would sell for is 1m/coin (iCog = 75 coins so using that scroll for someone would get you a minimum 75m). Coins are easy to farm. Evo lab link 3 with drop cores is probably the best way. Could easily accumulate 1000+ boxes in 1 or 2 runs. Dimension Invasion works well too. With no 2x or drop bonus of any kind, I get about 75 boxes per 5min DI run. If you're bored of that and feel like getting really angry, play your daily games of yut.
Apr 07 2014
SilverFoxR Level 200 Bera Hero
Never simply leave items on the ground. Almost everything sells, even if it's just through an NPC. Always pick up drops and sell them. If they have really good potential, store them and sell them in a shop (or via Basil) later. If they're junk, either NPC them or have a character with a decent level in Alchemy break the item down for materials you can use to make better gear with.
Apr 07 2014

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