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We got track

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Selling track 500k and buying 10% overall dex.

We have 5 people everyone HIDE and pretend you are AFK before the scout goes outside and gives the all clear.

Anyone remember this if so what PARTY QUEST is it from
Posted: January 2014 Permalink

We got track

17%7 / 39LPQ
2%1 / 39CWPQ
79%31 / 39KPQ


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PhreshPrynce Level 192 Windia Blade Master
Kerning party quest.
Jan 07 2014
PinaKoala Level 200 Scania Night Lord Perpetual Guild
these times were fun

thank you nexon for destroying it all

from having fun to caring about 15 star equips, damage, etc

nexon would've benefited more from the KPQ times than now

in terms of population wise, yes

in terms of nexon getting more income, no, and that's why they changed things

so unfortunate.
Jan 07 2014
calmkaiser Level 223 Bera Kaiser 4
is this from lmpq? jks
Jan 07 2014
IImaplers Level 200 Demethos I/L Arch Mage
./find 1447Narutard9001 OH CRAP I gave away our track lol

I remember the days.
Jan 07 2014
iDott Level 203 Bera Thunder Breaker 4
My old main's IGN is now redundant..
Jan 07 2014
SlashNStab Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
Kerning PQ. And when 30 was hard to get to in a way
Jan 07 2014
No worries I have ac.
Jan 07 2014
I got a feeling i bought good memories back to the basil community dont worry guys! They are nearly out. And i dibs the slime shoes if it drops
Jan 07 2014
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