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We have too many attack skills

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diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4
The recent resistance revamp, I had to use the SP resets and I noted that Mechanics have way too many attack skills- at least triple the amount you will ever need. And in 4th job you're just going to use Missile Tank with siege mode or laser anyway, siege mode does so much damage that it's not worth summing Bots N Tots. That's just ignoring the fact your hotkey settings will get quite crowded with a mechanic because of all their skills. My bowmaster, I use Hurricane for single enemies, and usually Arrow Rain for crowds or enemies one level below me(and if I got into Battle Arena I have to use Arrow Rain because Hurricane doesn't work). Broiler Shot is only useful on crowds in front of me, and is so slow that on a single enemy Hurricane is better. I don't use puppet at all, it's often more time consuming to set it up than it is just to kill an enemy with Hurricane, and the HP is low enough that it'll die too quickly to be useful. Whenever I did use it, it ended up being more trouble to set up than it was worth. I can also move while using Hurricane by tapping at the skill key.

Phoenix used to be an essential summon just for the HP boost, but now that the boost is passive and always active, I don't summon the bird because it does negligible extra damage. Drain Arrow can be useful and a life saver, but it has a disadvantage of being slow... often I'll use it to refill HP only to get attacked again and my HP back down to where it was before.

I got a 4th job Bishop, and even level 1 Angel Ray does so much damage that I don't know why I'd want to invest into Big Bang.

Mercedes, aside from being an easy mode class to play, has Rising Rush and Parting Shot, 2 skills I never found much use for because Piercing Storm was more than suitable, and now I'm at 3rd job and Stunning Strikes is beyond powerful, fast and damages crowds. The other attacks seem needless when I'm killing crowds lighting fast as it is.

This is a problem with a lot of classes... more attack skills than are actually ever needed, especially when so many will be abandoned when you job advance, and some are never useful anyway.
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Loza Level 144 Khaini Corsair
Don't use them then?
Not really a bad thing to have options.
Nov 23 2012
Lokiyll Level 131 Kradia Hero
:c just going to be a sad bowman here because of your use of Puppet

What you should be using Puppet for is like when you're fighting pap, or BGA/B or something. Like, set Puppet far away enough that they can't hit it but are aggro'ed to it and kill away, don't just let them bang their heads futilely against it.
Nov 23 2012
Puppet is useful for bosses, especially the elite version of it that gives you damage reduction. Phoenix used to be terrible because everytime you rebuffed it you got reduced back to your normal hp, something quite fatal if you were fighting something difficult. Dark Knights don't get that sort of treatment...

But yeah, poor balance isn't new to this game.
Nov 23 2012
Revuln Level 171 Windia Bishop
I'd rather have more options of different types of strategies than spamming 1 skill over and over till 200.
Nov 23 2012
Morty165 Level 143 Scania Aran 4
Just wait for Luminous you have to use both light and dark so twice as many skills
Nov 23 2012
sillybrother Level 200 Broa Zero Transcendent
Of course, there's multiple methods to conquer this "Over-filled keyboards"

First : Place all buffs (or just skills you feel matches up) to a "macro", thereby allowing you use 3 skills with one key.

2nd : Remove hotkeys that you will never or don't use much of the time (such as cash shop -as you pretty much click on the cash shop-, sit -no one sits anymore-, and more) Also, you can move the hotkeys, so you don't have to "scatter' your skills, instead place them all in one area for quick and easy access

3rd : Just use skills that you want, some skills are just better.

4th : You can change the 8 visible hotkeys on the right hand corner, so you don't have to always use the "shift, ctrl, insert, delete, home, end, page up, page down" key.

5th : Prioritize your keys. If it's buffs or pots that you won't keep pressing 24/7, then assign it to a key that won't be often as used (e.g. F# keys, etc.)

These are just some of a few suggestions, it's up to you now~

(Also, Mercedes parting shot can be achieved just by pressing the atk key after rising rush, there's no need for a hotkey assign for parting shot)
Nov 23 2012

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