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What Basilmon type are you?

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FSHikari Level 16 Khaini
Choose which best matches you. Try to limit yourself to two types, so we can have some fair Basilmon battles

  • Note: I used the word "may" for plenty of things, because it's not really guaranteed that you'd match the type exactly. Just choose which ones matchs you best.

BUG: You prefer lurking around and not being noticed, and when someone provokes you, you can surely sting back. You're usually very secretive.
DARK: You may be tough on the outside and generally get angry easily. Inside you normally have a series of dark thoughts on schemes. You like to be considered dominant and powerful. You can also be a bit of an elitistand have a low tolerance for things like screw-ups and ignorance.
DRAGON: You like to feel almighty and free. You're tough and a general admirer of all things. You prefer to be alone most of the time and you're very competitive. You're ferocious when provoked. You're good at handling leadership.
ELECTRIC: You're a fast, energetic, and outgoing person. You like sports and you can be competitive. You may also be a very loyal person. When agitated, you may be as fierce as a storm.
FAIRY: You're a loving, sweet, darling person who always tries to do your best to simply satisfy, please and be of use to others. You may take it to heart when somebody doesn't like you. You're good at telling how people feel.
FIGHTING: You're strong and you enjoy physical combat, whether it be games or not. You believe training is essential and you're also very competitive. You hate to lose. You prefer raw power and going straight all-out. You don't like to settle for less.
FIRE: You might say that you have strong feelings burning inside you. You're able to stand on your own even during the toughest times, and you have a strong passion for things.
FLYING: You like to be free and you hate being cooked up indoors all day. You may also have a strong sense of justice, and you would probably enjoy traveling a lot.
GHOST: Just like bug, you prefer not to be noticed. You enjoy scaring people or your friends, and you normally prefer to be alone. You also love silence and strongly dislike noise.
GRASS: All you want is peace. You may like the outdoors a lot, and you're a general nature and animal lover.
GROUND: You prefer land, as you may either be scared or uncomfortable flying or swimming. You're mostly a rigid and tough person, but is some who goes with the flow most of the time. You can be lazy sometimes.
ICE: You love cold weather and while you may seem hard on the outside, you're very soft on the inside, enough that your heart may end up melting to the smallest of things. You may also be very sensitive and flexible.
NORMAL: You're the average joe, but somewhere deep down, unknown hidden potential awaits you.
POISON: You're generally contagious and like to influence others with your beliefs and way of thinking. You don't like going straight all-out, rather you like to use more devious ways to accomplish things. You can be a patient person.
PSYCHIC: Your body may be weak, but your mind is strong. You exhibit strong willpower and intelligence. You or others might consider you as a mysterious person. You may also prefer to retain your solitude, and you give some of the best and wisest advice.
ROCK: You're hard-headed and stubborn most of the time. You're strong and tough, but you may easily be manipulated or confused by more intellectual forces. You may also be an outgoing person.
STEEL: You're rigid with bones of steel. You prefer living in industrial areas and you have or at least want to have plenty of material possessions. You may hate playing with fire.
WATER: You like to live in peace and tranquility, and you love being around bodies of water. You're sensitive and emotional.
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FSHikari Level 16 Khaini
We should totally add that to the Basildex now.

@Spiderexe: Yea there was a thread like this and it was by me too. I enjoyed reading that thread and knowing people's personalities so I decided to make another one
Jun 18 2014
mitarumetaro Level 183 Demethos Bishop
Way too much reading

someone else can pick for me
Jun 18 2014
FSHikari Level 16 Khaini
Way too much reading

someone else can pick for me[/quote]

This made me add something I just thought of to the ground type. I shall classify you as a ground type.
Jun 18 2014
Billionz Level 57 Renegades Dawn Warrior 2
Okay so i'm a flying fairy

so fabulous
Jun 18 2014
FSHikari Level 16 Khaini
Okay so i'm a flying fairy

so fabulous[/quote]

Just like Maleficent when she was younger.
Jun 18 2014
East Level 127 Yellonde Blade Master
Flying ice water fighting
Jun 18 2014
SoIntoYou Level 200 Bera Night Lord
Ghostly ice fairy. o_______________________o
Jun 18 2014
xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
bug/fly scyther it is.
Jun 18 2014
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