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What classes are affected by latency/server stability?

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domingo Level 207 Scania Demon Avenger 4
So far i knew that dawn warrior have it hard when switching between stances with nexons lame servers, and i recently found out that blase wizards have some kind of issues with it as well. Is there any other classes i should stay away from? I'm assuming the worst with nexon's servers at this point so i might as well stay away from them
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Definitely stay away from Mechanics. Homing hissile activation are completely latency-dependent and those take up a good 60%+ of their total damage. Bots n' Tots will also be heavily affected.
Sep 03 2016
Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
I hear Angelic Burster has this problem too with their recharge skills.
Sep 03 2016
repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art repentant is intoRepentant
+3 Speaking from personal experience:

Classes where DPS/playstyle is severely hindered by latency:
- Blaze Wizard
- Dawn Warrior
- Bishop - Angel Ray has a heal that's dependent on latency, and you can't attack again until that heal registers. It is so horrible I'd put this on the same level as Blaze Wizards and Dawn Warriors.
- Mechanic - Homing Beacon needs to be used in conjunction with your attack skills, and that's not possible if you live far away from the servers.
- (in a future update) Shadower - Meso Explosion will be buffed so that it's usable with other skills. Will eventually run into the same problems as Homing Beacon.
- Mihile - Royal Guard is affected by ping, leading to inconsistent timing which makes the class difficult to get used to.
- Battle Mage - needs to constantly telecast and switch auras. Can't do any of that smoothly if you're lagging.

Classes where some skills are affected by latency, but does not impact too much on overall gameplay:
- Phantom - Shroud Walk
- Kanna - Mana Balance (sometimes there's a delay with the HP change - combine that with your usual pot lag and you can easily get yourself killed if you're not careful)
- Bowmaster - Arrow Platter & Hookshot
- Wild Hunter - All jaguar skills
- Kinesis - Kinetic Jaunt
- Zero - Shadow Strike, Throwing Weapon
- Hero - toggling Enrage

And I'm sure there's a lot more.
Sep 03 2016
nhan1st Level 167 Nova Marksman
Was expecting a rockywasthere post. Am disappointed.
Sep 03 2016
littletlk Level 201 Broa Beginner
As @repentant said, Battlemage is affected.
It's very important to us, as telecasting is more than half of our overall DPS.
Any lag is deadly, too, because we rely so heavily on control to not die as well as keep our DPS up.
Sep 03 2016
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